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Double the Japan, without the sand

This r srs comm, for srs Japan.

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Japan is srs band. This r srs comm.
Because other Japan communities are just not serious enough, this community is a refuge for the discerning Japan and Sylvia fan.

You may post anything from serious macros to serious pictures to serious fanfiction and serious slash here, as long as it´s vaguely Japan related.
atonal music, badly colour-coordinated outfits, being closet furries, being deep, being manly, being smart, bishies, bleach, bryan ferry, clown make-up, cocaine, communist china, crossdressing, david bowie, david sylvian, duran duran, fanart, fanfiction, foundation over stubble, glasses, japan, kneedancing, mick karn, multi-coloured hairdos, new romantics, nine horses, not being gay, porcupine tree, pornstar hair, red socks, richard barbieri, rob dean, ryuichi sakamoto, sand, serious artists, serious buddhism, serious solo careers, setter hair, shiny suits, simon napier bell, slash, smart-glasses, steve jansen, super-imposed breasts, terrible hair, visual kei, yaoi